Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank you and asking for your feedback

Hello everyone!

Thank you so very much for being at my Anselm Kiefer lecture.

This is my second official lecture (as you may know) and I know there are many things I could have done differently. Please drop me an email (if you're comfortable offering some constructive criticism, thoughts etc.) and what you thought or felt about my talk, the format, timing etc. Of course we had limited time but there are always different ways to do things. Perhaps it was too much info? I realize that I didn't spend much time tying some of the larger themes into Kiefer's work- but then again, I wasn't sure how far to push my interpretation of things. Perhaps I should have made more time for YOUR INPUT. If any of you felt frustrated at not having a chance to speak I'm sorry about that- next time I'll be more conscious of giving more space for class INPUT.

Part of what I wanted to do was let the images "speak", though in the light of some of the post-war history of Germany. The remarks and the comments you all offered
last night helped me see even more levels in the works. I greatly appreciate your participation. This is one of the most exciting aspects of teaching for me: seeing images through your eyes helps me see them anew. With art- the possibilities of understanding are almost endless.

At any rate- I hope Kiefer interested some of you and that you'll take a closer look at his work- in person if possible! I believe SF MOMA has a few of his pieces on view right now at their 75th Anniversary Show. The details of his pieces are truly incredible.

Your feedback helps me figure out WHAT works for students and what doesn't.
We all learn differently but I believe there are always ways to bring a group of learners closer together. And this is all very new for me!

Don't be afraid to offer up any suggestions regarding your impressions and how to improve such a lecture- just drop me an email at the address below!

Thanks again,
your faithful TA
Jason Lahman

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