Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reading Questions, 7 (Freud), part 2

Here are questions from your colleagues in group 5:
As always, feel free to answer one of these, or one from my list (below, scroll down)...
Do try to listen to some of the music Jason has posted, and brace yourselves for a wild ride on Wednesday...!

1. Lecture One provides an example of how people are attached to the past. Provide (and explain) other examples of attachment to horrific memories of the past.

2. Discuss the short case on page 19 in which Janet's patient is overcome with hysteria after returning from a shopping trip. Is Freud making a commentary on capitalism such as Zola's "Ladies Paradise"?

3. Freud mentions intellectual resistance towards psycho-analysis in Lecture 3. What are some problems that come up when believing in Psycho-analysis? How does Freud counteract these resistances? (clue: p. 41)

4. What is the importance of the interpretation of dreams to a psycho-analysist?

5. Define repression according to Freud. Further, elaborate on repression as expressed in Lecture Four. What does this show about society and the individual?

6. What does Freud describe as homosexuality? (Lec 4).

7. What is the Oedipus Complex? Is Freud correctly utilizing Oedipus as an analogy for his definition? Why or why not?

8. Lecture 5 explains the various methods of addressing repression and the connection "repression" has to "sublimation." Explain the methods to deal with repression and their effectiveness on the person being treated.

9. According to Freud, what is the role that sexuality plays on a person's psychological well-being?

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